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In Loving Memory of Our Second Grandson,
This page is dedicated to the memory of
Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
6/6/2003 ~ 12/13/2003
June 6th,2003: First day of Jacobs life

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Here are some pictures of Jacob Allen from the Auburn Hospital where he made his entrance into life.
Shane and I waited outside while they were getting the room ready for us.
It didn't take long, and before we knew it our Jacob was here. Oh goodness, he was in need of a bath right away.
Over to the baby warmer to get wiped off so mommy could hold him later.
Shane was there to hold Edith's hand when Dr. Snyder asked her if she was sure she wanted her tubes tied.
Edith, said "Yes I have two boys and that is enough. I have my family now, I'm done."
I was wishing at that moment, she would change her mind. It was not my choice. I respected and understood her wishes.
I can still remember the sadness in her voice, and the tear that ran down her face. I said "Edith are you sure?" she said "Yes Mom, I can't afford to raise anymore then two."

Jacob is my second grandchild. I was able to go into the Nurses station to help give Jacob his first bath in a large sink, it was more like a shower. The nurse held him, and let a stream of water from a long neck faucet pore over him. She rolled him around like a sack of potatoes. The nurse washed him twice in every area and even remembered behind the ears. He was quiet, just taking in the feel of the warm water. I grabbed a warm baby blanket and the nurse handed him over to me. It must of felt really good for Jacob, he looked all warm and cozy. I got to dress Jacob for the very first time. Oh, such a small dipper, little sleepers and a nice warm receiving blanket. What a good baby. Jacob didn't like the bright light, so I placed my hand up to shade the light. Jacob would open his eyes when the light was shaded, and looked all around. He looked around like he knew everything, everything about life. Ten toes and ten fingers, I counted them all. Tiny little ears taking after Mommy and Tyler, his Big Brother. After I dressed Jacob the nurse gave me a bottle, and I fed my new grandson for the very first time. After he ate and his temperature was just right, the nurse said we could take him to mommy's room. Above are pictures of after Jacob was in mommy's room
Oh what a glorious day nothing can match the happiness a new born baby brings into your life. For a Mother, every day of morning sickness, the 8th and 9th month of discomfort and every moment of labor pain is worth just one glance of this perfect face.
Old fashion
Happy Baby Recipe

One warm bath
Just a pinch of baby soap
One extra small diaper
Set of clean fresh PJ's
One nice warm blanket
One little fuzzy stocking hat
Two little booties
Two ounces of warm milk.
A cup of kisses
A bucket of, I Love You's
Pre warm the water, checking temp with wrist.
Set room with lots of Love
Softly add baby soap
Rinse thoroughly, but carefully
Grandma pats until nice and dry then dresses in diaper & PJ's
Gently adding Booties and Hat to cover toes and ears.
Wrap ever so gently with warm blanket, with firm tucks not to unravel.
Grandma lends by hand over to Mommy then to Daddy.
Turned over to Grandpa, to seek knowledge and wisdom.
Brother adds, "I can do it, he's not to heavy, I wont drop him"
Uncle checks to see if he's perfect, Touches cheek to lips, "he's Prefect"
Then Gently everyone blends a turn, adding love and kisses

If recipe is done just right you will have a smile like this one.
Author; Grandma (Madelyn Victorino)

Jacob's first photo was at 7:52am This one was taken at 11:27am
As grandma was taking this picture above, Jacob was really tired.Very soon he would be asleep.
He kept opening his eyes when you would cover the light with your hand.
I took my hand away to take this picture and he closed his eyes. I said "Jacob, Grandma love's you!" I got this big smile.
Yes, I do Believe Baby's Smile at this age too!
This has to be one of my favorites new born photos of just Jacob Allen.
Never thought I would ever be placing Our memories of Jacob on a web page for the whole world to see.
I never thought the few pictures I took would be the only thing we have of him to cherish for the rest of our lives.
It has taken me way to long to make this web site, as it is the hardest thing I've ever forced myself to do. I struggle everyday sitting here trying to compose myself just long enough to get something down.
There are no words to express the pain of losing a baby.

Grandma (Madelyn Victorino)

Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler and Shane Allen Zeigler (Father)
Edith Marrie Victorino (Mommy) resting and big brother, Tyler James Victorino Bucher
Here are my two Grandsons: Tyler James and Jacob Allen, on June 6th, 2003 I was blessed with two.
For now and forever there will be one you never get to meet. One lives here on earth and the other has moved to heaven.
But I still have two!
"The Big Brother"
Tyler James was waiting patiently for the arrival of his new baby brother. Tyler felt the baby kick many times, and just could not wait until the baby came. The Big Day was so exciting for him. Jacob soon became Tyler's Baby and that is how he introduced his brother. He would say "This is my baby brother Jacob, my mom had him for me. I wanted a baby Brother and she made Jacob just for me. She can't have anymore, this is her last baby and he is mine."
Grandpa, Uncle John, Tyler and I spent hours at the hospital with Edith and the baby. Jacob was such a good baby. Grandpa was happy to finally get to be with his new grand baby, another new baby to spoil. But Grandpa was concerned that we needed to try and keep it equal between the two brothers now. He wanted to make sure there would be a good loving bond between Jacob and Tyler, and not any jealousy. Grandpa felt it was important for the family to remember to always include both in daily activities. So much attention was placed on the new baby, like in all families, and Grandpa was worried because he didn't have the best relationship with his own brothers. Edith and John have a really good brother-sister relationship, they are always there for each other. Both stick together when times get ruff, I guess they always will.
~~~~~~Auburn General Hospital, Labor Room on 6/6/03 ~~~~~~
~~~~~~In Mommy's Bed Room at Auburn General Hospital ~~~~~~

Tyler James received a big Brother Sticker from Jacob's Nurse.
He wore it proudly for three days, then told me to put it on the refrigerator so everyone that came over would know he has a new baby brother. He said he didn't want to forget it on the shirt and he could have it later. After Jacob's death I took it off the refrigerator, and placed it in Jacob's Photo Book on this picture of Tyler.
Here Tyler wears his sticker proudly!

Jacob Allen and Tyler James has one of the best Uncles a kid could ever have. Edith works in an emergency clinic and works night shifts and the weekends. John has always been there for Edith to watch the boys if we had to work. So many occasions John watched the boys no mater what, he never said no. John never hesitated to change diapers or give the nightly bath. John is the best to watch over the kids if Grandma and Grandpa have to work. If baby cried, John was already there to pick him up. If for any reason we couldn't be there to watch the boys for Edith there was no one in the world I would rather them to be with more then John. He Loves these two boys as if they were his very own sons.
First to change a dipper, first to give a bath, Uncle John was there and never said no. Edith couldn't ask for a better brother, cause she would never get better then the one she has.

Jacob is a Son, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, and to one "My Baby Brother"

On June 6, 2003 our daughter Edith Marrie Victorino gave birth to our 2nd Grand Baby, Jacob. Edith, was very excited about baby Jacob, from the start. This was to be her last child, as she is a single working mother, raising her other son Tyler. She knew she could not afford supporting three, so two was enough. She decided early in the pregnancy that she would have her tubes tied. She's 26 years old and didn't want the worries anymore. We took two days of photos at the hospital. I'm so very glad I took these pictures. Everyone knows that I'm the picture taker. I have taken many photos over the years of friends, family and animals. The small amount of photos we have of baby Jacob are now, like little treasures to me. It's not like me, not to take at lease 2 to 5 rolls of film per month. It's not hard for me to spend anywhere between 900.00 to 1,200.00 per year just on developing. So it hit me hard to realize after Jacob's passing that his first photo album was not full. I became so angry with myself, here sits the camera, the digital and the camcorder, and my baby Jacob's picture book that holds 200 pictures was not full. I've told myself many times, "one roll per month, that's all I had to do and I didn't do it. 36 pictures times 6 months and I would have had 216 pictures of my grandson." I was at several gatherings this year and took pictures of other people, their children, and dogs in shows. In my mind I thought I had forever to take all the photos I wanted of Jacob. Now my thoughts of "I'll take some tomorrow, " is too late for today. I told myself many times that I would get Tyler and Jacob to the park and take some pictures of them together. After looking at over 100 SIDS's sites, of precious angles that were taken away too soon, I was able to become very thankful for the photos I do have of Jacob. Some family's have none of their little one to treasure.
So please look over his entire web site, just to see how fast Jacob grew in the short 6 months.
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These are Jacob's foot prints from the Hospital.
Grandma placed this little Butterfly here to tickle Jacob's toes.

~Little Footprints~
How very softly you tiptoed into my life almost silently,
only a monument you stayed, but what an imprint your foot steps have left upon my heart
~Dorothy Ferguson~

This is the Hospital Photo of Jacob taken on June 7th, 2003

Length 19 1/2 in
6 lbs 4oz

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