Shane (daddy) & Jacob Allen spending time together. Grandma and Mommy were getting ready for the Welcome Home party for Jacob the next day.
June 13th, 2003

Right off the bat Shane couldn't get Jacob to suck on a pacifier so he thought it was cute to let Jacob suck on his finger. That was great, but what was he going to do all day with his finger as a binky?
I had to explain, what are you going to do when you can't be his binky? So, he agreed. Jacob had to learn to like the pacifier, and that was going to be a task.

Jacob, was never really a pacifier baby. We had every kind you could imagine, but none would do.
This was a precious moment and I had to take a picture, then after the picture I explained that this was not a good thing to start. It would be very hard to match the same texture to a pacifier.

June 15th, 2003: Fathers Day
Oh Just look at My Grandson, what a handsome little man.
Here is My Daughter Edith M. Victorino Ziegler holding Jacob Allen,
It was a really nice day, sunny and a great day to gather with our friends.
The Holthe family went out of their way to bring us to their home for such a spectacular time.
We may not of had any father day pictures of our Grandson if it was not for this gathering at the Holthe's home that day. It also gave some the opportunity to meet Jacob Allen, for the very first time.
I know it gave Edith a chance to show off her new baby boy Jacob.
I only captured a few photos of our grandson that day. Here Jacob has his eyes open and trying to lift his own little head. He was a very strong baby right off the bat. He would lift his head to look around. Oh Boy, he really knew his name, he would look around trying to focus you in.

Father's Day June 15th, 2003
To this day I don't think Shane realized, this day was father's day.
Edith and Shane were invited to this dog family gathering at the Holthe's home.
I don't think they even thought about father's day,
I captured this photo of Shane, holding his son at the practice weight pull for the dogs.

This day Chris Holthe purchased a big cake for all the fathers and told them to all gather around it for a picture. Shane was not in the photo, because I really don't think it had dawned on him yet that he was a father, and that he should of been in the photo.
Shane and Edith had a wonderful time and enjoyed there day at the Holthe's home This was to be Jacob Allen's first outing with the extended family we have made with dog show people.
Jacob's first dog gathering, he was only 9 days old.

Jacob's first APBT gathering on 6/15/2003, Jacob was only 9 days old
Grandpa and I show and raise American Pit Bull Terriers and attend
a lot of events and gatherings for enjoyment.
Our children have grown up all their lives around the breed, and have come accustom to the life of showing and having a wonderful time with the dogs. The dogs have always been a big part of our life and is now passed on, one more generation with our grandchildren.
Jacob would of spent many hours over his years with puppies and good people that knew of him as they do his big brother, Tyler James. Below are just a few photos of Jacob's very first gathering at the Holthe residence.

The Holthe's have became a wonderful addition to our lives, just through owning our dogs.
George, Chris and Pete Holthe invited some of the owners of Victorino dogs to their home for a huge weight pull practice on weekends. George and Chris wanted to make a special weight pull / father's day gathering with all the dinner trimmings. They went out of there way and put on a fantastic day we all will never forget. There was swimming in the pool, pool table, games, fruit tree, beautiful gardens of flowers and there home filled with family and friends. A day all of us will remember and still talk about to this day.
What a wonderful gift from themselves to give us all.
This was a father's day to remember.
Jacob attended a ADBA & UKC dog show later in his short life

June 14th, 2003 Welcome Home Little Jacob Allen
Grandma put on a little get together

Oh Goodness Jacob's only 8 days olds 6/14/2003
People that attended the welcome home gathering for Jacob
Grandpa & Grandma Victorino,
Uncle John Victorino,
Tyler James Victorino Bucher (Big brother)
Shane Ziegler (Daddy)
Edith Victorino( Mommy),
Uncle Gary & Auntie Milly Gibson with grandson Joseph,
Uncle Jack & Auntie Adrian Pooler
Auntie Michelle Wines
Uncle Roy Daniel's & Momma Daniel's,

Over the 6 months more family and friends got to see Jacob Allen

Mommy holds Jacob Allen up to get a picture for the baby book. But Jacob wasn't about to open his eyes. He was sleepy and could care less who was at his party.
There was cake, Ice cream, juice and coffee for all. What a nice gathering for Jacob Allen.
Mommy and I (Grandma) got nice gifts for the games we had everyone play.
Grandpa, Uncle John, Shane(daddy),Great Uncle Gary, Uncle Jack, Uncle Roy even had to play the games.
I got so busy with the games I didn't get anymore pictures of that day.
The house was full of people to see Jacob for the first time. We had a good day showing off our Sweet Baby Boy. He was so tiny and cute everyone wanted to hold him.

Father's Day- Jacob Allen 9 days old
Grandma was so very proud of her little guy. Boy could he eat, what a suction he would get on that bottle. Long little fingers, Jacob is still wrinkled from being born. It's later in the evening on Father's day in this photo. Jacob now has his Pj's on and is all cuddled in his little blue blankie ready for the trip home.
Here you can see Jacob, Mommy, Auntie Eileen, and George Holthe.
Eileen is holding Jacob, that is the little blue bundle of joy you see in her arms.
Everyone else is in the front pulling dogs or in the pool just in side the house.
Here is our Jacob in Auntie Eileen's arms, sleeping.

Everyone had a wonderful time Father's Day
A special thanks to George and Chris Holthe

Nap time at Grandma & Grandpa's house
I just laid Jacob down for a short nap so he isn't crabby for mommy when she gets off work.
I decide to snap a few photos of him sleeping on our couch.

Jacob never had a chance at Grandma & Grandpa's to be alone. Even during his naps he was just a glance away.
Someone was always right there to pick him up and love on him.
Grandpa was one that was always there, Grandpa is taking Jacob's loss hard, believing he didn't hold him enough. I guess we all are going through the same things. All the things we didn't do, all the times we should have done this or that. Looking back we were living every day the way we love to and Jacob was a big part of our life.
Even though Johnathen (Grandpa) thinks he didn't hold Jacob enough I have proof he did. As Jacob got older I didn't get more but daily Grandpa, Uncle John, Tyler, Mommy and myself held, and loved this little man with all our hearts. Being held was one of Jacob's favorite things, and I know grandpa just wishes he could hold him again. Because everyda,y especially weekends I miss just holding him in my arms as he slept. When Edith Drops off Tyler for us to watch it's just so empty with only two coming in the door. Something is missing she should be carrying a baby too.
In the evening I would hold Jacob for hours in my chair watching TV. Tyler would curl up with me and Jacob soon all three of us would be asleep. Just the other day Tyler crawled up in my lap and asked if I missed his baby.
I gave him a big hug and said "yes every day." Jacob Allen knew he was truly loved.

Sleepy Time at Grandpa & Grandma's House

Mommy is at work and grandma sneaks a few snap shots for the day.
Just had a bath and is all ready if mommy comes home early. I always gave Jacob a bath in the kitchen sink just like I did Tyler and my own two, Edith and Uncle John. That is where
I seen my mom giving baby's baths and it is something I've always done.
Jacob loved his bath time and was just getting into splashing.
His nap didn't last long Grandpa would pick him up and just say "this is pay back for Edith, this is our turn to spoil him."

Words can never say what we truly feel, no matter how many pages are on this site or how many flowers we now lay upon is grave site, there is never enough. There will never be enough teddy bears purchased to replace a fraction of his loss, and yet I catch my self looking for things for Jacob at every store I walk into.
In these pictures and at this time in Jacob's life we had no clue he would only be here for a little while.
We thought we had the rest of our lives to be with him, to watch and care for him.
It makes you stop and think of just how much in every day we take for granted.
No one knows what time they have left, tomorrow or just the rest of this hour.

Here is mommy(Edith), holding her baby boy. Jacob is just a few days old here. He lost about 12oz , after birth. The doctor said that was normal, and it was for my children too.
Then he started picking up weight about 3weeks later, and what a happy baby he was.
It is very hard for Edith to even read a card, let alone design a site for her son. I can't even imagine all the memories she has to endure every day. The pain of the loss of her little man.
But she knows when she is ready to talk or read thought the site I'll be right there if she needs me.
I will keep his memory alive.


I will rain on your dessert, said a voice from the sky,
I will pour you a blessing from my windows up most high!
You will always remember from whence it has come,
From the God of your father, and his eternal Son!
To him who will hear Me, and do what I say,
I will guide and teach all through the day.
His needs I will furnish, he shall not want.
And the shed blood of Jesus shall free him from taunt!
His tithing's and talents I will employ
In the work I have set him, to bring him great joy!
You know not, nor understand, just how this is done,
You must trust in the Father, and the victory is won!

Written by; Joseph Lincoln Fowler Sr.
The Great Great Grandfather of:
Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler

In Loving Memory of
Jacob Allen Victorino Ziegler

6-6-2003 ~ 12-13-2003
Jacob at Grandpa & Grandma's House on June 13, 2003
We had his Home Coming on June 14, 2003
Fathers Day gathering June 15th, 2003
Days at Grandpa & Grandma's home in June 2003
The life of a little boy we will forever miss!

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Since this page carries the father's day gathering and pictures of Jacob on father's day,
I felt this page was a good place to put the poem below written by my grandfather.
During the making of Jacob's memorial card for his funeral I came across my grandfather's memorial card and remembered this poem he had written for his Lord and church he loved.
I wanted to add it to Jacob's memorial page. We also placed it in the memorial card.
My son, Jacob's Uncle John let me work with him on one of the best memorial cards I have ever seen.
The memorial card was very hard to do for all of us, but it was a brothers love for his sister and nephew that helped.

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Grandpa holding Jacob and giving him kisses
Tyler sitting in the back, I think holding Coal our dog.
Song: I Will Remember You
By: Sarah M