On December 13, 2003 USA Captured Saddam Hussein
The Capture of Saddam will not even start to heal the pain our Country endured.
This Candle burns for all the lives we have lost, and for those we will lose.

May God Bless our country by sending our men and women home safe
God Bless America

Our family will remember December 13th, as the passing of our baby Jacob

September 11 2001
Affected everyone in the world, I know I sat crying, glued to my TV waiting and praying for another to be pulled from the Trade Center alive.
So many family's destroyed in every way you can imagine. The question was why?
So many life's would be forever changed why did God allow one man to have so much power to destroy so many innocent people

Why did God let this happen?

Jacobs, Father (Privet Shane Allen Zeigler) is in the National Guard and they were spending allot of time at the Guard Armory. They were deployed to California and Eastern Washington a few times. They all knew That they were getting ready for Iraq. Shane was called to active duty on November 15th 2003 as were 100's of others to be deployed to Iraq. Shane is in the 303rd Armored Division 81st. Brigade and had to be on base at Fort Lewis. We never knew what days Shane would have off or what exactly would be happening from one day to the next. The Army Kept everything a mystery and they have good reasons to. The time with his family would depend on time given to him by the Army now. So every day he was able to be home, he spent with his family. Edith wanted to make sure pictures were taken of Shane and Jacob together Just incase something should happen to Shane. In the back of her mind, is that haunting question will he return to us alive. We live just a stones throw away from the National Cemetery and have seen the growing number of fallen soldiers from Iraq lately. Its not widely publicized on TV as much but we are loosing Americans everyday from this war. On December 13th 2003 Edith was to bring Jacob back over to Grandma's house Tyler was already here but we were waiting for Jacob. Edith got the news Shane had time off so she took Shane and Jacob over to Shane's brothers apartment for the night while she went to work. She never called us to let us know. She did call to let us know, she had just gotten home to find her baby boy had passed away. That was a call that changed our life's forever. It was also the day (12-13-2003) they found Saddam Hussein.

PVT US Army Shane Allen Zeigler,
Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler & Tyler James Victorino Bucher
Photo taken October 24th 2003 at 2:32pm
We Will Never Forget

The Photos
After our little Jacob's passing, I had a few weeks to clear the gray from my mind pulling my thoughts together. I scrambled for any mementoes I could find of Jacob. I wonted to make up our Photo book of all our pictures. I had one little wallet of the photo at the top of this page. I called Edith to ask her about the photo of the flag she had taken. I wanted to know if there was any other poses taken, and where she had them done. She explained to me It was at Walmart and there were more poses but that she didn't like the rest of them. I told her to get off this Phone now and go straight down to Walmart. She thought they might have already thrown them away.
These pictures were taken at Walmart on Friday October 24th 2003 at 2:32 pm. PST
Seven poses were taken that day and all seven were still there. The photographer was heart broken and gave Edith the Rest of he Photos and the copy rights. Now instead of just one picture of that day, we now have seven.
A special thanks to the photographer and Walmart for these moments in time taken of our baby Jacob.

We believe that Jacob was starting to cut teeth, he was drooling and teething on things. He loved his baby cookies, I would place them in the freezer to be nice and cold, the cold cookie feels really good on the baby's gums. Oh boy could he make a mess, But Grandma had all the goodies for the bath Baby relaxing bath, Lotions and powders to make him feel so good that he would just fall asleep in my arms for hours until mommy came to pick him up. Okay so I have to admit I would fall asleep holding him a few times. The smell of my Grandson Jacob, still lingers in my mind. I can even imagine the smell of the cookies all over his little face. He was still small enough to take a bath in the kitchen sink. He always loved his bath time from his first one to his last.

Our precious baby boy was so full of life and joy.
If God grated me only one wish, it would be to have our baby Jacob to grow old.
This candle Burns for Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler, it lights a path from our heart to his.
There is no place like home.

This is one little soldier that will not be coming home. Jacob Passed of SIDS on 12-13-2003.
Jacob Allen's little body is among the hero's buried in Tahoma National Cemetery in Washington State.
The cemetery is a stones throw away from our front door. The cemetery has been there for years and everyone in my family had taken a look around it years before. But I never got the chance to go there until the day We buried our Grandson. I wonted to go look at the National Cemetery but not this way.
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This Web page Designed, With all My Love for my Little Soldier Jacob,
Grandma (Madelyn Victorino)

Tahoma National Cemetery, Here is where my Grandson Jacob's body lays to rest.
It is here We take flower to our 6 month old grand baby. In our daily thoughts Jacob will never get any older, for every year or two he will always remain 6 months old. Photos we have will never change and more will never come.
In My Dreams.

In my sleep sometimes, if I'm lucky I dream of Jacob. In my dreams he has learned to crawl and has pulled himself up to me. In my dream I play with him, he knows that I know he is gone, but both of us understand we only have the time I sleep to be together. Soon the alarm will go off and Grandma will have to leave. No matter how hard I try I can't bring him back with me to awake. Now every night before I sleep, I pray to dream of Jacob until I awake. But I know somehow it will not be very often, he has to make his rounds to Mommy, Tyler, John, and Grandpa too.
He has a Grate Job to do in Gods Army of his littlest Soldiers, and I know he is very busy doing all the things, Angels do.

Some only Dream of Angel's,
But I held a Real One in My Arms
Our Baby Jacob
I had been wonting to take pictures of Jacob with his brother for awhile but every time he was here it seemed to dark out side, or I didn't have film or just always something. Thanksgiving day we had a family gathering, at our home and I thought they would be coming up early. Edith and Shane came up with the kids around 3:30pm PST. It was getting dark here and I decided to go take some pictures anyway Jacob had just woke up from a 20 minuet nap during the drive and really didn't wont to be Taking any pictures. So all the little pictures you see here are on Thanksgiving day. We were running out of time to take pictures of Jacob with his Daddy before Shane went off to Iraq. We figured Shane would be gone over a years at least and by the time he came back Jacob would be close to two years old.
He is Smiling very big here cause Mommy (Edith) is getting him to smile. He reaches out for her each time and then starts to fuss as she pulls away for me to take the shot.

Jacob was a little trooper for Grandma, I take pictures to get that one pose he was tired and I was taking them as fast as I could. On the other hand dad is not all that photogenic and I had to get after Shane about looking at me. I told him "I'll be Watching Jacob, you just keep looking at me smiling, ready for a shot at any time. When Jacob looks Just right I'll take the shot. Well as you can see I should have been watching dad instead of the baby Jacob. So i just decided to take the roll and what ever I Got was good enough. I was hoping to get more later on with mommy Tyler and Uncle John.
Patches in the bar below are from Jacobs little overalls that he is wearing in this photo shoot.
The Hat on Jacob, later had to be warn during the funeral by Jacob due to the scars on his head from the coroner examination. But Edith removed it before the coffin was closed it did not go with the work out fit he was warring.
I realized that none of the photos with the hat has a smile he didn't wont it on then and kept pulling at it.

During the funeral, Edith dressed Jacob in carheart overalls, cotton work shirt and Little work boots.
Since a part of Grandma & Grandpas life style is welding for Ironworkers & Boilermakers, Carheart overalls, cotton work shirts and work boots became a simple part of our lives. I purchased a set of Carhearts, Cotton shirt, and boots just like ours we work in for our Grandsons to wear as they were baby's. Edith placed Jacob in a little Carheart out fit with boots in the casket. And a soft blanket with bears and balloon print.
"Reaching out for Mommy"
This boy loved his mommy his little face would light up when she walked in the room from a day of work.
The last night we watched Jacob was Thursday December 11, 2003 he was all excited when mommy picked him up to take him home.

Edith even had to get after Shane to quite goofing in the photos which made the three photos of her just as bad.
Soon I just gave up the only one taking good pictures was Baby

Now each photo of Jacob, is a Treasure.
Everyone even the fussy ones.

Jacob let out a loud high pitched laugh and allot of giggles during this set of pictures It made Shane look up at me and start laughing. This is just with in seconds after Shane heard his boy laugh uncontrollable. This is what I was looking for the simple nature pose of father and son. Sometimes the best photos are the ones you don't know anyone is taking.
Haven't you ever wished some one could hand you a box of all the precious moments in your life, God could.
This little out fit will now have a Little Teddy Bear to feel the empty ness.
A Vermont Bear, honey in color, will feel this little Out fit of Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler.

Song: Bridge Over Trouble Water
By: Johnny Cash