Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
Bootes R A 14h 38m 23s D 15' 35'

International Star Registry ~ December 13th 2003
Star Certificates from Jack & Adrian Pooler

Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
HER 18h 46m 59.21s 12° 31' 0.53
www.NameAStarInc.com ~ December 18, 2003
Star certificate from; Robert& Jennifer Bober

Are you aware that:
If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days or even hours. But the family we left behind will feel the lost for the rest of their lives. We pour ourselves more into work, than to our family.
An unwise investment indeed.
You know what is the full word of family?


Even though I am Just Jacobs Grandma, and not his mother
I wish I could just give back the time I spent at work, the time between June & December of 2003, the day's Jacob was with us.
I would gladly return every penny and all the benefits too.
I would have loved to spent more time with Jacob. He's little life was oh so short, No one would have ever missed me during that time at work.
Instead I spent time working and with co-workers that don't even know his name nor even knew I was a grandmother, that is truly,
An unwise investment indeed.

~ To A Child Gone ~

"I thought I was ahead of you in line.
You would take your turn
After I took mine,
Like we did before.
I guess you don't need new shoes
For starting Heaven,
Or a light left on against the dark
The way I always did.
But I'm so used to parenting.
I wanted just to be there--
To do whatever needed to be done.
But you went first.
And now, my little one,
Suddenly you are my senior.
Morning, I know, will come.
But bring close your light--
This time it is I who fear the night.

~ Author Unknown ~

Looking for My Falling Star
January 2004 I spent allot of time on the internet looking up information on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I spent countless hours surfing for answers. We have so many unanswered questions in our minds about our grandsons passing. Needless to say we are still searching for answers, I really don't think will find the answers we are seeking.

During my visits on SIDS sites and Children's memorials I came across many times this Quote, about falling stars. After I read this quote, for some reason it became important to me to locate the coordinate of a falling star for the night Jacob Passed.

No one knows more about the Stars and our heavens then Astronomers, and better yet astronomers in an Observatory. I sent out many e-mails asking for any information on locations of a falling star for the night of December 13, 2003 at or around 6:00pm PST

Out of all the e-mails I sent out I only received information from two people. One was very short and left me wondering, but I had received something. Another took time explaining falling meteor fragments, and giving me a much needed lessen on astronomy.
I would like to thank them both for taking the time to personally answer my e-mail.

I sat in the ambulance for hours and never thought about looking up to see a falling Star. I was holding on to every moment left with my Grandson just hoping I would never forget all the little things about him.
Later I was just hoping someone else was checking out the stars. I found out hundreds of people were gazing at the stars and the heaven that night. Just in anticipation of the Geminid shower.

I do know now that during my grandsons entrance into heaven there were allot of people looking straight into heavens gates as they open for Baby Jacob. Gods heavenly in brace of a child into heaven has to be so powerful that even looking towards the heaven at the precise moment God embraces the little sole, one must feel a heavenly fulfillment that they can't explain.

Jacob you'll always be Grandma & Grandpa's Brightest Star!

December 13th 2003 marked the peak of an annual meteor shower known as the Geminids

Joe Wheelock
McDonald Observatory

Geminid 2003

On December 13, 2003 we lost our precious Baby Jacob to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
We were waiting for Edith to Bring Jacob over to Grandma & Grandpa's house for us to watch him. Uncle John, Grandpa, Tyler and I had just got the house ready for the Christmas tree.We had planed on taking the boys out for dinner then picking their mommy up christmas gifts from both of them. But the tree was first , we were waiting for Jacob to come over so we could all go out and find that special tree for the year2003. A Christmas tree just right to plant in the front yard after Christmas. Like we have done every year sense we bought our home, one of our family traditions. When Noon came around I asked Grandpa and Uncle John, several times, were is our baby boy? Edith must be late, or She must have gotten the day off. Many times I started to call but for some reason and I have no ida why, I never called. I can't explain why the call weighed so heavy on my mind. Normally I would just pick up the phone to call Edith, to ask "where are you? are you brining my baby over?" What stopped me from making the call? God only knows.
Edith had to go to work at the emergency Vet Clinic she was schedule to get off work at 6:00pm PST. Jacobs Daddy Was on a night leave from the 81st infantry scheduled to go to Iraq in February 2004. Edith chose to leave Jacob with his daddy Shane Allen Zeigler and uncle Shawn Zeigler. Edith, wonted Shane to be able to spend as much time with his son Jacob before he was deployed to Iraq. When the Army calls you to duty, you have to make every moment of your own life count. Edith was pulling into the parking lot of the Apartment buildings were uncle Shawn lives. Edith, noticed all the ambulance, fire department and aid vehicles. She came into the apartments like she normally did and went up to Apt 57. The door was open and no one was in the room, she walked down the hall and headed down the stairs. That is were she found Shane
(Daddy) on his knees sobbing uncontrollable. Edith, said she just knew and ran to the ambulance were she seen them working on Jacob.They wouldn't let her in and told her they were working on him. As she looked though the window She noticed the shot of epinephrine that they were giving Jacob. By working in the vet clinic for the pass 4 years she knew what that meant. She knew it was to late, her baby was already gone, there was nothing bringing him back now. She wonted her son now and demanded to be with him. She let them know she knew what was happening. They let her in and she embraced her son. Edith made the call to our home, Johnathen ( Grandpa) received the call, it was the worst sounds I ever heard "NO! NO are you sure! Edith are you sure? NO! Jacob? NO!" Oh My God NO! not Jacob. I watched in horror a man in a split second crushed and I knew. Just three little words Dad, Jacob's Dead. As he took down information on the location of the Apartments and told her we were on our way. I was already hysterical I didn't wont to hear the news.
I screamed not my baby no Johnathen Don't Tell me something is wrong with my Jacob! But that was what he had to tell me, all the questions ran thought our minds. Where was he? Why didn't Edith bring Jacob here?He was suppose to be here, why didn't she bring him here? I went thought hating God screaming at him for taking our grand baby. Why didn't God just take me? We showed up at the Apartments were Jacob was to be, to see all the residents standing around. We ran to the ambulance and there was my daughter, Shane, and my Grand Baby Jacob. A part of me died that night, a big part of our whole family's life. Nothing would ever be the same no mater how many years go by. Our hopes and dreams shattered in a split second, the second Jacob stopped breathing. We were all able to hold our baby Jacob for hours until the corinoner came to take him away late that night. We were all there to hold Jacob and say what we felt was important to each of us. I was able to be with him during the reenactment they had to do. The two brothers Shane (father) Shaun Uncle had to do a reenactment for the police and Edith wonted to be there to see what had taken place. She asked me to be with Jacob and I sat in the ambulance and recited the Lords prayer and The lord is my shepard then I recited thought the ten commandments with Jacob. I said a few prayers and I felt I had to tell God I was sorry and asked for forgiveness.
There are so very many emotions that run rapid though your mind, changing every second.

There is nothing harder then holding your baby in your arms and not seeing him breath. There's nothing you can do for the lifeless little person you hold.

On December 13, 2003

The Geminid Meteor Shower.
A lot of 'falling stars' were able to be seen.
On the average there were two every minute.
On that evening Jacob's way up from the Earth was lit 20 times more brightly by the lights from the
Geminid Meteor Shower
'Falling stars'.

A special thanks to
Stephen R. Stout
Interpretive Specialist
Goldendale Observatory

There is an ancient belief that each entrance of a child into heaven is marked by a Falling star . . .
In Loving Memory of Our
Fallen Sta

Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
June 6. 2003 ~ December 13,2003
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Name a Star in the Sky
Please take a look at the Stars in the Sky with Jacobs Allen's Name.
Over the years Grandpa and I have met many wonderful people that share the same passion for the American Pit Bull Terrier. We have been involved in Showing Obedience Weight pull and Agility with our dogs and have spent so much time with people that they have became a part of our family.We think of them like our sister brother daughter or son.
In our life our friends and family become as one!
Tyler James refers to all our family in the dog world as Aunty or Uncle, he has spent almost all the show weekends with us and knows the show world as family. Jacob was only at a hand full of dog shows do to his young age. The year 2004 was to be Jacob's stepping out with Grandma, Grandpa, uncle John and Tyler James, to the dog shows.
Below are two Stars in our Solar System, that were named after our Grandson.
I would like to take this time to thank our family, Jack and Adrian Pooler and Robert and Jennifer Bober for Honoring our Grandson with naming a Star after him. It was important for them to give us something that would always be there. This is the mane reason for the Jacobs star page. Thank you all for your friendship though out the years.
Thanks for the family ties you have extended in our lives.

~ Kisses to Heaven ~

Today I sent a kiss to Heaven
I'm encouraging all of you to try
For if I have shared this with you
You have had a child die.
This kiss came from deep inside
And I know that it truly was received
Right after I had sent my kiss
A calming breeze surrounded me.
Not only that, a wind chime rang
From where I do not know
But I felt my children smile at me
And say they love me so.
Take a kiss within your hands
And look up to the sky
Release that kiss with loving care
Now please try not to cry.
Once your kiss is off to them
To Heaven's gate above
Just look for any single sign
Of your child's precious love.
~ Unknown Author ~
Written By Uncle John, the day we laid Jacob to rest

In life we have good times and bad times, during the bad times, when God unexpectedly throws a curve ball we have to deal with it head on and be strong. However sometimes we curse God, when times are rough, mostly because we think he has wronged us in some way or given us the short end of the stick. Losing someone is hard, especially someone you truly love and admire, but to lose someone who you have become so attached to in such a short period is at times unbearable. Some of us may wish that God could have taken us instead and we curse him for that. Then the question we ask God is why, why take someone so young and innocent. Then we curse God some more, later asking for forgiveness, but in the end we know that God is there for us even if at times it doesn't seem like it. Living is like being in hell for some people in times like these, but in the back of my mind I thought to myself Hell is no match for what we are going through. Every day you are reminded of happier days by the little things, a sockie on the table, a baby blanket on the sofa, or a dipper on the counter, or coming across an outfit in the laundry. Some times we regret not being there enough, not spending more time holding him, and at times hating ourselves for it. At first it was unreal, like being stuck in a nightmare that no matter how many times you slap your self in the face you canít wake up. Then it starts to sink in slowly. We will never be able to see what he looks like when he gets older, or teach him how to count, through a ball, and tie his shoes. We will never see him taking his first steps, never see him run and jump. I know I took him for granted, I thought to myself a couple of times I should go pick him up and play with him then thought, no he will be there in a few minutes. I would give anything to hold him in my arms again, to here him laugh and squeal one last time, I wouldn't even mind a dirty diaper or two. But no mater how much I plead with God, there is nothing I can do to bring him back. He is in a better place now, and he is in Gods hands with his Great Grandma and Grandpa. I am left here hoping that you all will take my words to heart, donít take anyone for granted, cherish the time you have with them, because you never know when there time in this life is over.
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This Web page was Designed, With all My Love for my little Star, Jacob,
When Grandma wishes upon a Star she knows just which one you are

Song: To where you are
By: Josh Groban

"Imagine the beauty of it - that moment when the soul of a loved one returns to the stars, the voices each whispering,
I Remember You."
- author unknown