In Loving Memory of
Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
June 6, 2003 ~ December 13, 2003
This is Jacob's second day at Auburn General Hospital
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Jacob would cuddle with mommy, and you could see him get all calm when he would listen to her heart beating. If she would place him on the bed or pull him away from her chest Jacob would get really restless and his little hands would start moving about. I really don't think Edith noticed what I did, she was just excited to have her baby boy. She was checking his feet and waiting for that first dipper change. playing with his little fingers. I really don't think she seen how much love, Jacob had for her just in the first few days.

Our Grandson's, Tyler James and Jacob Allen.
We came to spend the day with Edith and Baby Jacob during their second day in the hospital.
Grandma took these pictures of her precious grand-boys. What a happy day!
Jacob was so very sleepy he didn't want to wake up for any pictures being taken. Tyler looks so very proud!

Tyler James was so excited about being a Big Brother.
The morning before we left for the hospital, that was all we heard about from Tyler James.
This was so new to Tyler and it made him so very proud.
Tyler wanted to bring Jacob home with us, and Mommy could just stay there if she still was hurting.
He was thinking, I could take care of Jacob at our home just like we were caring for him.
Shane Allen Zeigler and Edith Marrie Victorino
Pictured here with Jacob Allen their one day old son.
Mommy & Daddy
Hi Grandma !
Jacob has his little Booties on, and is all warm and cozy in his little one-se.
It was a beautiful warm summer day/night in June and Jacob got all sprawled out on the bed.
I snapped this Photo 6-7-03, and later when copying a set of pictures for his album I wrote hi Grandma on the picture before printing.
This picture was simply known to me as "Hi Grandma." Now I know it as "Good Bye". We never got to teach Jacob how to wave goodbye. maybe we didn't have to, he already knew.
Like Edith and I said when he was born, it seem to us Jacob new everything about life. things we didn't know.
Why did we both pick up on that feeling? Do baby's know everything about life when they are born? Then as days go on forget everything. I know God doesn't make mistakes he is perfect in every way. But I know my Grandson knew something then,
that I don't know today.
Grandma V.
Mommy checks to see just how big those feet are. Oh boy such a little boy with big feet.
Mommy wants pictures of these feet for his baby book.
We found out that it is the Zeigler trade mark. Shane( father) and Shaun (uncle) have big feet.

Just a few things Grandma remembers Tyler saying to us before Jacob's death.
"Mom, I wont drop him I promise. I wont drop him, I'll hold him with two hands! Can I feed him this time? Do we get to take him home? When can he come home. Grandma can we take Jacob home with us, and bring him back later to see mommy? Can he be in my bed room?He can watch cartoons with me! I have a lot of toys, he can have them! I will watch him,because I'm his brother and that is my job! My job is to help Mommy get things for my baby brother! This is my baby brother, I'm his only brother. Jacob can have my bikes that are too small for me, okay?
Jacob looks just like me, huh grandma? He has the same hair, we are the same huh? He has little ears like me and Mommy, that's cause he is my brother. He is the best baby in the whole world.
Grandma do you love my baby brother? I love him too, he is the best brother in the whole world. When he gets bigger he will go to dog shows like me. He can show Coal cause Coal is the smallest dog."

Maybe he wasn't spoiled at all, maybe he just knew. Maybe, all he wanted was to always be with you
Jacob was so very sleepy, it was late at night. Thanks to the digital camera we had, I was able to get these pictures and with out cropping or lighting the photos the digital gave us the date and time of each photo taken. These two were taken at 9:52pm and 9:53pm on 6-7-03
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Web page created for Jacob, With all My Love Grandma
(Madelyn Victorino)
Uncle Shawn kept trying to have his head down as I took the rest of the these photos of him.

I tired to capture special moments, and the best ones are when no one knows your there. The best photos are the ones you don't pose for. That is truly a moment of your real life in time.
I remember telling Edith weeks after she will have a spoiled baby from holding him so much.
Jacob loved to be held, he hated to be put down. Edith kept telling me that this was her last one, she cant have anymore, so I have to spoil him.
Shauna is Uncle Shaun's Girl Friend so that would make her almost Auntie Shauna huh?
Here is Shauna helping Tyler James with his
story book.
Shane, Edith and Baby Jacob 6-7-2003
Mommy & Daddy
These little feet look so very sweet. Oh What long legs, by the age 4 mo Jacob grew into his body so very well.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time, and know what I know now.
Maybe, I could then change the future, and take your place in line.
In your baby book I will never see, a picture of you holding a puppy, that really hurts me.
We will never get to hear the laughter in your voice when you have water fights with Papa, and you win because it's his choice. I will never get to see you play a trick on Uncle John. I can visualize you jumping on him, and rolling summer salts in the lawn.
I can only imagine what you would have been like.
Imagining is just not enough, I miss you in our lives. Love, Your Grandma V.

All these photos on this page were taken the second day of Edith's Hospital stay. Her bedroom was full of all new baby things for Little Jacob Allen.

The next day Edith and Jacob would be home with all of us.
Jacob was such a pretty baby. Edith had a C-section, so he had a nicely rounded head
Tyler James is sitting on my lap as I'm doing this page now,Tyler would like me to write,
" Baby Jacob, I Love You! You are the best baby in the world"

Shaun said the long legs, long arms and big feet came from the Zeigler side of the family.
He took one look at Jacob's feet and said that is a Zeigler family trait. All Zeigler boys have big feet.
Uncle Shaun Zeigler, Jacob Allen and Mommy (Edith)
Shaun didn't want to hold Jacob. Shaun said he was too small and he didn't know how to hold a baby. So he would not pick him up for a picture. Uncle Shaun didn't even want his picture taken but I told him to Look at me, "this is not what you want, it is what should go in Jacob's Book."

Shaun Zeigler, Shane's twin Brother
Uncle Shaun Zeigler with Jacob Allen

Mother to Mother
A mother is a person that's always there for you, to hold your hand, to pick you up to let you know she's true.
A mother is a person that is there when you are born, she is there to love and kiss you, to keep you nice and warm.
A mother is that special one that brightens up your day, all her loving, caring moments are just a memory away.
A mother is the one you count on though the years she is the one you'll call, to help you dry your tears.
A mothers love is everlasting, the kind you always seek. She will hold your hand and smile at you when she grows old and weak.
Your mother's love will be there long after she is gone, it is what has kept you, so very nice and strong.
The strength you have to keep on going, the life you have to live, gives a new meaning to a mothers love,
that now you'll have to give.
Edith, I wrote this today especially for you, I thought of Grandma Brundage, then passed this on to you,
It makes a mothers chain, the one that's never broken, this I know is true.
When you cry for your baby Jacob, Your Grandma and I cry for you!
written on 2/19/2004 by:
Author; Madelyn Victorino (Jacob's Grandma)

When your newly born child holds your finger in his little fist, that's when you're hooked for life.

Song: Lullaby
By: Creed

I will never be able to bring Jacob with me anywhere, and hear someone say how darling or precious he is. I will never hear the words "your little boy is so polite. So please take just a little time and see my grand-baby Boy. I would love for you to see my Grandson, Jacob Allen. This is the only way I have to let anyone ever see what we have lost.
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