Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
Our Precious Baby Jacob Born on Earth June 6,2003
To Awake in Heaven December 13, 2003

A special Thanks to Silver Sands Photography& Photographer; John White
For some of the last precious moments of our Grandsons life.
6/6/2003 ~ 12-13/2003

A Pony for Jacob
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A pony for Jacob to ride
A pony, One So gentle just for my baby Jacob.
A pony that's just like him, strong and full of pride.

A pony to take Jacob to places near and far
A pony will help him roundup and lasso my heart from afar
A pony for traveling to the brightest of stars,

I wish I May I wish I might see my Jacob ride a pony tonight
Take my love for you this night I'll hold you until forever and a night

A pony to listen to Jacob's every word and let him ramble on and on,
understanding each and every word

A pony to make Jacob laugh so loud
that Angel's giggle and roll around on the clouds.

Ge-tty up ge-tty up little pony will go,
take my grandson to the place where the Angel's glow
Ge tty up little pony Take Jacob home to heaven above
and with him roundup all my love
By Madelyn Victorino (Grandma)

Web page Designed, With all My Love for my Little Angel.
Jacob, Grandma sends this Pony for you to ride
(Madelyn Victorino)

A special Thanks to Silver Sands Photography for extending their hearts and touching my daughter in her time of loss, Thank you!

And I would like to thank you John White for taking the time you did to make these photos so very special. My daughter told us, you did an excellent job with Jacob and took the time to get the right shot.
Edith's exact words were " mom he was good he got Jacob to giggle
in his high pitch. He knew what to do just to get the smile and he told me to get Jacobs favorite toys"

This is my Little Angel
Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
Uncle John Victorino created Jacobs Angel picture above with the clouds and the lens flare.
I added the Pegasus to give Jacob a Special little Pony.
Original Photo by: Silver Sands Photography& Photographer; John White
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In Loving memory of our baby Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler

Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler, What a precious little boy.
Jacob, gave his mommy a Happy smile in 15 poses for her keepsake.
Edith Marrie Victorino was so very proud of these photos of her son Jacob. She called me to let me know these picture were so very cute. My heart brakes in two now just to think of how excited she was to have such nice photos of her little Jacob. I could hear the excitement in her voice she couldn't wait for me and Grandpa to see all the pose. She was so very proud of her son. Uncle John got to view them first He was on the cell phone to me and told me
"Mom these picture of Jacob are so cute". Uncle John was even excited so I knew they must be Just what we see every day, a precious moment Captured in time. Edith, left one 8x10 of Pooh and Jacob for us she said it was her free one."
I believe Jacob had given us everyone one of these smiles and looks he makes in these 15 photos every day he was with us. Jacob was so very expressive and a Happy baby. During the funeral we had his pictures out for all to see what a precious baby boy he was. Some how by the hustle of the flowers and cards collected Edith missed place the 15 photos she believes she tossed them out by mistake. For weeks after she tuned her house upset down and had friends come over to help her look too. I finally told her to call the studio and reorder before they get rid of the negatives. She had just made the last payment on the originals and waited to get her tax refund. The day she got the refund she called the studio to reorder. The studio told her that they would send out a complete set at no charge. Edith called me to tell me and started crying,
I knew just how she felt, my tears fell like rain.

All the professional photos on this page are taken By:
Photographer John White, of Silver Sands Photography

Song: My Heart Will Go On
By: Celine Dion