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Jacob Allen Victorino Zeigler
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This is Jacob's very first award it was designed by His Uncle, John Keala Victorino
Uncle John wanted Jacob to have a beautiful Set of wings in a picture for us to look upon here on earth.
A set of Wings that would fit the greatest of all Angles
Then came the halo, it had to be Just right not just any would do. Jacob's halo would have to show personality. Jacob's character tired on many halos as uncle John designed one after the other.
Uncle John tired to get one to fit just right.He tired them on Just straight and Proper but they didn't look just right.
Jacob had the sort of attitude, you know the kind, the side ways smile when he was playing with you. That certain grin when he knew he caught your eye and you came by to pick him up to play. He had a quality all his own very young of age, but you could see it so clear. The one eye that squinted just a little tighter then the other when laughing. The smile that was just a little more pronounced on the one side more then the other. The little arms that would be going 90 miles per hour when you came by. The, I got your heart feeling when you picked him up, laying his head upon your chest as his littler hands would reach out and grab a hand full of your clothes on both sides. Just to pull him self in closer. The last open mouth slobber kiss I got from him.
The wings came easy but the halo had to have his personality Just how do you convey total personality with out saying a word.
To me (Grandma) The finished project was a success my first words to my son were "you caught his personality in the halo".
John Captured it, Right down to his first slobbery wet kiss, he gave Grandma, just days before his passing.
Uncle John even captured the flirtatious boy his mommy always seen in him, Edith, would call Jacob her sexy little man. Many times I heard Edith say to Jacob "how's mommy's sexy baby and that's my sexy boy, just look at mommy's sexy boy. Jacob would grind from ear to ear and give her baby hugs.

The professional photography from Silver Sands and the Thanksgiving pictures I took of Jacob and Shane, were the last photographs taken of Jacob. The last are what we all remember him as the most.
Some say He was so close to being safe from SIDS. Other say he was at the prime of his life being a 6 month old boy in the winter months
If he was with us would he have been okay, If just a few more days, would he have been safe from SIDS?
If ????

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Song: tears in Heaven
By: Eric Clapcon
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